3 Big Cons to Discount Hardwood Flooring

There is nothing wrong with saving money when sprucing up the house but, you should know the cost of going with discount hardwood flooring. You may think you're avoiding installation fees, repair costs, and maintenance budgeting but, that isn't the case. Cutting corners isn't always the best idea and when it comes to the house, you get what you pay for. Hardwood floors are a great investment and one you should be careful not to skimp on with laminate alternatives. Sure, they're cheaper but, is that the quality of the flooring you want?

Discount hardwood flooring often translates to laminate, vinyl, and cork alternatives and so, that is what these cons are directed towards. There are cheaper woods that can lower the cost of getting hardwood flooring installed but, those have their own pros and cons and usually surround durability. Some woods are harder than others and that matters when it comes to scratches and damage. 

Here are 3 downsides to getting discount hardwood flooring: 

Damage is Done

Discount hardwood flooring has the same downside as carpeting, once it's damaged it's damaged. Real hardwood can be refinished, restained, sanded, brought back to life no matter how old they are. When getting laminate or vinyl hardwood floors, if it peels or chips you may have to get a whole new floor. If you can get a replacement "plank", it may look out of place or just not fit with the rest of the floor. 

While there are some water resistant laminate floors and floating faux-hardwood floors, it doesn't mean water damage doesn't happen. Enough water gets into those floors or under them, the floor itself may be fine but then mold can grow under them. May save you water warping repairs but, brings another cost as well.

As mentioned earlier, you may think you're saving on installation fees and many faux-hardwood floors can be installed by yourself. Though, if you don't do it right then that speeds up replacing damaged planks. If you're interested in saving money on flooring then discount hardwood flooring only does that in the immediate. You'll end up paying more over time. 

Doesn't Improve House Value

One of the reasons people improve their home is to increase the property's value and discount hardwood flooring doesn't do that. Laminate and vinyl floors may be appealing to certain buyers but, if interested in selling the house then it does nothing for the price. In general, you want to invest in your home but, especially if you know you'll eventually sell it. This is another example of how saving money now can cost you later. When trying to pinch pennies and upgrade your home, go for a less expensive wood rather than discount hardwood flooring.

They Can Look Fake

Trying to keep the glamor of real wood but wanting to go with discount hardwood flooring? It's not very easy and can come off even more cheap looking than cheaper wood. It's like pleather versus leather, just doesn't look the same and can end up being a bit tacky. Even if you go for the less "luxurious" woods, they're still more impressive than vinyl, cork, or laminate flooring. You don't want to spend money on something that makes the house look less than what it is nor add anything aesthetically. If you have to add new pieces to replace damaged ones, then the floors can look even faker. The discount hardwood flooring has patterns to imitate real wood and if they don't match, it can look very jarring. Hardwood floors aren't one of those things you can have by pretending you have it, keep that in mind when considering going with discount hardwood flooring. 

The Cost of Discount

If trying to save on hardwood floors, go with a wood that is a lower cost rather than going for vinyl or laminate. The cons of going for discount hardwood flooring outweigh the immediate money you'll save on. You'll end up paying for replacement floors sooner, it won't look too good, and it doesn't improve the house. Yes, you save money but again, at what cost? 

There are plenty of cheaper woods that are vastly superior to any of the discount hardwood flooring out there. They'll last longer, increase the property value of your home, and will look ten times better than the faux-floors. It's great to save money but, there are some things you just cannot cut corners on. Invest in the now and save overtime, don't sell yourself short by getting discount hardwood flooring.