3 Ways to Keep Wood Floors from Fading

You've picked out the perfect hardwood floors for your home and as time has passed, you're noticing that they're not as vibrant as they were. It can be tough seeing the natural beauty of the floor fade but, don't lose hope. There are several ways as to how to keep wood floors from fading and none too difficult. As with most parts of a house, whether it's the ceiling or the front porch, it just takes regular maintenance.

Even if your wood floors have begun fading, you can still slow the process rather than letting it go on and needing a full-on replacement. If you're enjoying the way the wood looks a bit faded, these tips are also good ways to keep the floor as it is. If you're just beginning to wonder how to keep wood floors from fading after having new hardwood put it in, then these tips can keep your wood as is for quite some time. Remember, wood is natural, and fading will happen. These tips will keep your wood floors from fading, but nothing will stop it permanently.

Move Things Around

We all get that itch to redecorate every so often and that can really help with keeping your wood floors from fading. Not so much with moving the pictures and knick-knacks around but moving the furniture and area rugs can help with sun-exposure. The best answer you can get regarding how to keep wood floors from fading is to keep them out of the sun. So, every three to four months move some things around. Give every area sometime in the spotlight as that will stop the formerly exposed areas from getting too much. Next time you get the itch to redecorate a room, don't forget that it's good for your floors as well.

Don't Let it Burn

As mentioned earlier, the sun is an enemy of hardwood floors. Not so much so that you must live in darkness but, remember that wood is an organic and natural piece of your home. Much like our skin, wood can get a tan and if you're not fond of the fade then best to not let it sit in direct sunlight for long. Drapes and curtains or plants and flowers in front of a window can offset the sun and really help stop it from overcooking the wood. Need to spruce up a room that has hardwood floors? Remember how to keep wood floors from fading involves keeping it out of direct sunlight, plant some greenery and add some drapes. If you're able, you can even install UV-shielding windows to help save your windows. Letting the light shine without the damage of the rays. Though, in the end, you can still save your floors by just planting some roses around the drapes.

Regular Maintenance

No matter which way you slice it, you'll have to refinish your hardwood floors every so often. Whether it's from scuff marks and scratching or preventing further sun damage, it will need to be done. Though, you shouldn't wait till any kind of damage gets too severe. If you see the UV beginning to hurt your floors, begin looking for contractors to bring the hardwood back to its natural beauty. While this is less of a how to stop the fading, it is certainly a how to keep wood floors from fading further.

Keep Wood Floors from Fading

Keeping wood floors from fading is a necessary and not so difficult part of having this beautiful flooring. If you follow these few basic tips, you can keep the sun from peeling the color away for years to come but, remember that it will happen eventually. Slowly and steadily if you follow these tips, but it will. There is nothing wrong with that, owning a house is maintenance and you know that. Keeping things as fresh and healthy as long as possible is the real battle, as well as being prepared with good professionals to fix an ailing part of your home.

Looking for how to keep wood floors from fading, you'll find a lot of information that requires buying this or that and hiring him or her. At the end of the day, all you need to do is to protect it from the sun and from water. When the time comes to refinish, then look for a hardwood floor contractor. Till then, when wondering how to keep wood floors from fading just keep the sun to a minimum and you'll be fine for years to come.