Article provided by: ElecDirect

4100P7WElecDirect carries a 4100P7W Pin & Sleeve Plug that is not only one of the highest quality products of its like on the market today, it’s also affordably priced. If you’ve been looking for a 4100P7W, you’ll want to take a closer look.

Made in Italy, this is a product that will really perform under the most difficult conditions. The Pin & Sleeve plug 100AMP 3-phase 480VAC 3P 4W IP67 is watertight and crafted with unique innovation that makes it totally different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Its standard interface is world-ready, with full international compliance. Meets UL classification to IEC 60309 and IEC 60309-2. CE conforms to EX low voltage directive.

Pin & Sleeve are both made of superior-type materials including the following:

- Housing: Valox
- Contact Carriers: Valox
- Cable gland nut: Valox
- Cable bushing: Solid neoprene, O-ring type
- O-ring, seals and gaskets: Solid neoprene
- Pins and sleeves: nickel plated brass
- Sleeve force ring: zinc plated steel
- Terminal screws: nickel plated steel
- Flap and screw cover springs: stainless steel
- Snap-on spring: stainless steel
- Mounting flanges: Valox

The 4100P7W indicates that the item is a plug, that its clock position is 7, or 480 v, and that it is a watertight product. As a watertight IP67 device, there are no tools or screws needed to assemble the product, since its innovative Snap-on locking handle makes assembly fast and easy- typically up to 75% faster. You’ll experience a faster and much more reliable installation and inspection due to the Snap-on assembly, making it a very popular product.

The 4100P7W’s design and construction meet with the stringent internal protection standards while the housing, made of rugged thermoplastic, resists the impact and abuse it may take as well as provide for superior corrosion resistance. The screw collar on the device stays put via turreted grips that allow for easy handling of the item. Take a closer look at why the 4100P7W allows for 75% faster cable builds:

- Unique nylon lock screw system
- One piece cable gland
- Nylon locking screw that prevents loosening
- Hand assembly of cable gland and cable grip
- 6-finger clamp and O-ring bushing

The combination flap/screw cover features an integral neoprene gasket that offers supreme watertight protection. Unique flex hinge design makes it a pleasure to work with. One way terminal access and clearly marked terminal connectors ensure fast and easy wiring that is done right the first time.

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