Artificial Grass Installation Corona

Artificial Grass Installation Corona

Artificial Grass Installation Corona

Pro Lawn is a top-rated business for artificial grass installation in Corona with over two decades of experience and hundreds of positive reviews. Our range of synthetic grass products is low-maintenance, durable, and pet-friendly. Our custom-designed artificial grass can imbue your property with a green and vibrant entertaining space you can enjoy all year round.

Is Backyard Putting Greens Worth It?

Artificial grass or putting green offers the look and feel of lush greenery at a golf course and costs less to get it installed. Unlike natural grass, you do not have to pay for the maintenance of synthetic grass. 

It is cost-effective and pet-friendly and comes with heat reduction technology. More importantly, it makes your space look green and lush all-round the year. Backyard putting greens are certainly worth their cost.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass looks aesthetically appealing regardless of the weather in your city or state. As the leading artificial grass installers nearby, we ensure that our clients have green, neat, and tidy-looking backyard artificial grass all year round.

It is also more convenient for the homeowners as it does not require much maintenance as does not require watering, fertilizing, or mowing. Plus, it's cost-efficient, provided you buy your putting green from one of the reliable and experienced artificial grass installers.

Difference Between Natural Grass And Synthetic Turf

Once you decide to add some greenery to your property, you must choose between natural grass and synthetic turf. Here are a few pointers to consider before buying a backyard putting green for your outdoor space:

  1. Cost of Installation

Several factors affect the installation price, such as the material you choose, who you hire, the prep work required, the size of the project, your geographical location, etc. While natural grass installation may be slightly lower than synthetic turf, you will have to wait for your grass to grow.

  1. Location Flexibility

The beauty of your backyard space will depend on the soil condition, sunlight availability, and other environmental factors when you choose natural gas. Also, if your backyard is in the west or North part of your property, they may not get proper nutrients due to lack of enough sunlight, and growing natural grass may be an issue.

Alternatively, you can install synthetic turf anywhere you like as it requires no sun or water, or nutrients. Fake grass that looks real is the real winner when it comes to flexibility.

  1. Pet-Friendliness

If you have pets at home, installing natural grass may not be for you. Most dogs use the natural grass backyards for defecating and urinating, and sometimes they dig playfully, causing your lawn to have ugly brown spots.

On the other hand, dogs can urinate on artificial grass, but you do not have to worry about having brown spots. Having clumps of grass is not an issue when you invest in the best synthetic turf.

Contact us at 855-508-2025 to request an estimate from our design and installation team or buy artificial grass. Pro Lawn offers the best artificial grass installation in Corona at competitive prices. Our residential and commercial synthetic grass products are 100% pet friendly and come with a permeable backing system. 

Artificial Grass Installation Corona