Discover 9 Awesome Benefits of Hardwood Floors

What Makes Hardwood Floors a Great Choice?

Oh sure, everyone wants carpets for the comfort and so on...but it just isn't as good as hardwood floors. Neither is linoleum, for that matter.

The truth is that hardwood flooring is awesome. It looks classic (I mean just check out our gallery if you aren't convinced), and with care lasts decades...and there are other reasons to consider hardwood flooring instead of other kinds. In fact, here are 9 reasons why you would want to do so.

Hardwood Flooring Doesn't Wear Out

Thing about linoleum is that it scratches. Carpet and the pad wear out, losing color, staining and eventually becoming disgusting. Tiles are naturally brittle and the sealant and grout degradeĀ  over time. Hardwood flooring...stays the same. Provided proper care, which we'll cover later, the beauty of hardwood floors is that they don't wear out.

They don't degrade. They don't wear out. Carpets last years. Hardwood floors last generations.

Savings Through Longevity

Spokane's Best Hardwood FloorsThe theme of hardwood floors is "buy once, cry once." They may be expensive, depending on the flooring you choose and whether you install it yourself or not. As previously mentioned, hardwood flooring lasts a very long time.

Whether you pay for installation or perform it yourself, you will eventually realize a savings in terms of that longevity. Yes, you'll spend up front...but over time, the lesser amount of required maintenance and lack of having to replace it will pay for itself.

Hardwood Makes For Cleaner Floors

Another benefit of hardwood floors is that floor cleaning is going to enter a whole other dimension. Thing about carpets is that they absorb a whole lot, and the color of carpets over their lifecycle reflects it. White gives way to grey, brown to...dirtier brown...and so on. Hardwood floors, however, do not have this problem.

Instead, you'll see crud on floors when it's there. When there is no absorption, there is no hiding uncleanliness and as a result, you'll be motivated to keep a cleaner floor. What's going to come from that, you ask? A cleaner floor, and thus a cleaner house.

When you have no excuses, you have more motivation to do the right thing. Therefore, hardwood floors will help you keep a cleaner home.

Hardwood Floors Are Hypoallergenic

Managing allergies can range from something you might want to think about to something that has to be done or else fatal consequences can occur. It may sound a bit preposterous, but the truth is that hardwood floors are the best option if someone in your household suffers from allergies.

Carpets can absorb pollen, dander and other matter that irritates allergies. Hardwood flooring...cannot. Therefore, if you or anyone else in your household has allergies, hardwood floors are a health management strategy.

Hardwoods Are Green

Another benefit of hardwood floors compared to other types of flooring is that hardwood is sustainable. Though forestry practices are a complicated subject, the fact is that a maintained patch of timber can keep producing wood for centuries. a synthetic material. Linoleum is a synthetic material.

Wood is not. Wood is an organic product, and when you buy from responsible sources, you're buying a green source. A sustainable product. That isn't something you can claim from any other flooring material.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Is Always An Option

hardwood refinishing

Carpet and tile are great when installed, but after a certain amount of time reach the end of an obvious lifecycle. Hardwood floors, however, can last a very long time because hardwood floor refinishing is always an option.

You can strip, resand, reseal, refinish and so on; the point is that hardwood floors only need a bit of work to get a whole new lease on life. No other kind of flooring gives you that option.

Nothing Looks Better Than Hardwood Floors

Let's face it. Hardwood floors look better than any other type of flooring. Not only that, but hardwood floors look good at almost any age as well. When new, they look incredible. When well maintained and having acquired the dull shine of patina that comes with age, hardwood floors are arguably even better.

Hardwood floors are arguably the pinnacle of functional aesthetics. They look great, and function great too. Very, very few things in this world do both as well.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Is Ridiculously Easy

hardwood maintenance

Carpet maintenance requires vacuuming on a regular basis, but eventually requires a carpet cleaning machine or service. In fact, this further illustrates the longevity issue when it comes to hardwood flooring.

The thing is that no matter what you do, no matter how meticulous you are, the nature of carpet and other flooring is decay and at an accelerated rate contrasted with hardwood flooring. Good hardwood floors last not only years, but generations.

And all it takes is a bit of sweeping and spot-mopping. At most, you might need some varnish or sealing applied...during a decade. A refinish? At most twice as long as you own a home. In terms of maintenance, no other flooring is as low maintenance as hardwood.

Hardwood Floors Add Value

Lastly, but certainly not least, hardwood floors add value to a home. Granted, the exact value depends on an economy of scale, but you can expect a far better rate of return from installing hardwood floors than any other kind of flooring. The classic looks, the longevity, there is no better flooring material in terms of return on investment on the market.

You may even catch yourself pondering why anyone thinks of installing anything else.