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Why Do People Like Hardwood Floors So Much?

Hardwood floors seem to hold some mystical and transcendent power over people. They "ooh" and "awe" at them, stripping away carpeting and buying homes just for the wood floors. So, why do people like hardwood floors so much that they... Read More

Can Wood Floors Be Steam Cleaned?

Everyone wants an easier way to clean without giving up cleanliness. It's no wonder why people ask if wood floors can be steam cleaned, it's certainly easier than scrubbing with wood oil or moping around the house. Not every way... Read More

Squeaking Hardwood Floors and DIY Tricks, Tips, and Solutions

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home but, they can come with some annoyances like squeaking. While it is a wonderful alarm system for sneaky kids or rambunctious pets, it's one of those sounds that seem to get... Read More

Are Hardwood Floors Better for Allergies

Whether shopping for a new home or making some changes around the house, people often wonder are hardwood floors better for allergies? It's a good question to ask yourself as no one wants to be sneezing and sniffling all the... Read More

The How and Why of Wood Floor Separation

Seeing some wood flooring separation ruining your beautiful hardwood? It can happen and be quite alarming. You probably think of the cost to replace or repair, how the wood flooring separation happened, and how to prevent it again in the... Read More

A Guide to Sun Bleached Wood Repair

Anything organic changes over time and hardwood floors fall into that category by needing sun-bleached wood repair. Many homeowners appreciate how hardwood flooring color can morph but, it all comes down to your taste and how the floor pulls the... Read More

3 Big Cons to Discount Hardwood Flooring

There is nothing wrong with saving money when sprucing up the house but, you should know the cost of going with discount hardwood flooring. You may think you're avoiding installation fees, repair costs, and maintenance budgeting but, that isn't the... Read More

3 Ways to Keep Wood Floors from Fading

You've picked out the perfect hardwood floors for your home and as time has passed, you're noticing that they're not as vibrant as they were. It can be tough seeing the natural beauty of the floor fade but, don't lose... Read More

8 Questions to Ask About Hardwood Flooring Installation

Having hardwood flooring installed often means hiring a contractor and much like hiring any service, you should have a conversation before hiring them. Most people know to shop around and compare estimates, but are you equipped with good questions to... Read More

Carpet and Wood Flooring Combinations, the Needless Debate

It's easy to get lost in the debate over carpet and wood flooring combinations. Questions like which one is better, can you have both, design taboos when trying to have them, etc. We know there are traditions to design and... Read More