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3 Problems with Cheap Hardwood Flooring

Saving money is a good thing and while everyone agrees, they tend to try to save money in the short-term, like with cheap hardwood flooring. Think about it, if you try and save money by buying a low-quality item to... Read More

How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Color

When wondering how to choose a hardwood floor color, it can be nerve-racking. It's expensive to replace and so, you'd better be happy with it. But, there are a few things to consider as well as pros and cons to... Read More

Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair and You

Having hardwood floors is an elegant and opulent addition to any home. While they can stand up to dust and resist a wine spill, they don't do well with prolonged exposure to water. Before rushing to a carpet contractor or... Read More

Do Hardwood Floors Increase Home Value

3 Ways Hardwood Floors Increase Home Value When looking to improve your home by installing new floors, whether it be to sell now or in the future, you're probably asking yourself do hardwood floors increase home value? The only possible answer... Read More

Hardwood Floors in the kitchen, Some Pros and Cons

For many, the heart of the home is the kitchen and so gets a lot of traffic from family and guests. Choosing a floor for your kitchen requires greater thought than most other rooms due to it being one of... Read More

What is the difference between laminate and engineered hardwood flooring

Shopping for new flooring for your home isn't a picnic, your choice lasts for years and can affect much more than the look. When choosing between hardwood or laminate floors, you have to consider the cost, the durability, and whether... Read More

How Long Do Hardwood Floors Last?

Hardwood floors are an elegant investment for a home and can exist beautifully through a lifetime. Even the most durable hardwood floors wear with time. Like anything else in your home, the longevity of hardwood floors depends on your upkeep... Read More

How Much Does Wood Flooring Cost

Having hardwood floors is a spectacular addition to a house and one that is a rewarding investment. Being wrapped up in the variety of woods and how one finish will look versus another is all well and good to start... Read More

What Kind Of Hardwood Floor Finish Should I Use?

It's a big decision to make, after all. Your floor can be finished to suit the appearance you want it to have. However, you need to balance aesthetics with practicality. You may love a particular finish, but find out that... Read More

Why Do Hardwood Floors Separate?

Something you might notice from time to time with your hardwood floors is some separation, a little gap between the slats. This can happen with new floors as well as older hardwood floors. It's actually normal, so don't panic. However... Read More