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The Best Hardwood Floors For Dogs

If you're looking for the best hardwood floors for dogs on the internet, chances are your furry pal has wrecked your current flooring. We understand. Dogs are adorable and affectionate, and we adore them, yet they can leave an indelible... Read More

Hardwood Floor Vs Carpet Inside Your Home

Trying to decide if you want a hardwood floor vs carpet? Well, it really comes down to this: Hardwood floors cost more upfront but last much longer than the cost pales in comparison in the long run. There is more to... Read More

Laminate Vs Hardwood: Can You Save Money AND Have Great Floors?

When many people consider getting laminate vs hardwood, they are drawn to the lower cost of laminate. Yes, that's right. It costs less. That's why people look at it? After all, why spend extra dollars when they maybe don't really... Read More

What’s the Most Durable Hardwood Flooring You Can Get?

What's the most durable hardwood material? A hardwood floor is an investment, as it can last decades. If a home is to remain in your family, it can outlive you without too much trouble. If, that is, you've selected the... Read More

An Easy Guide On How To Recoat Hardwood Floors

Any wood item that has a finish or sealant applied to it will eventually need to be recoated, and that includes having to periodically having to recoat hardwood floors. The period between recoatings and refinishing depends on wear over time,... Read More

What Is Dustless Floor Refinishing?

The Best Hardwood Refinishing is Dustless Pondering how your floors can get refinished without your house being coated with dust particles? That's why there's dustless floor refinishing. Black Forest Floors happens to offer dustless floor refinishing as one of our... Read More

7 Tips On Maintaining Hardwood Floors

It isn't fantastically difficult to learn how to maintain hardwood floors. They require some care, to be sure, but if you're consistent they don't require as much care as carpet and will last much, much longer. Generally speaking, you're looking... Read More

Discover 9 Awesome Benefits of Hardwood Floors

What Makes Hardwood Floors a Great Choice? Oh sure, everyone wants carpets for the comfort and so on...but it just isn't as good as hardwood floors. Neither is linoleum, for that matter. The truth is that hardwood flooring is awesome.... Read More