countertop stone CT

countertop stone CT

Article provided by: Paramount Stone Co.

countertop stone CT

Paramount Stone installs and fabricates custom countertops for you. Create a place to gather that's both functional and beautiful with our countertop stone in CT. We have invested in the latest cutting technology, and our team comprises of expert installers and fabricators.

Which Stone is Ideal for Countertops?

This depends on various factors including your décor and your preferences. Our company is an accredited natural stone fabricator, and we have numerous stone samples available. Our craftsmen will help you select the perfect stone that will match your lifestyle and your décor. We have an inventory that represents only the best natural stone materials in the market.

Does the Stone Quality of Countertops Matter?

It does because ultimately if your countertop isn't of good quality, it won’t last long.

The quality of our products will no doubt draw out the style and warmth you’ve always envisioned your countertops would encompass. We are best in class because of our diligence and attention to detail. We adhere to a meticulously planned process of installing and fabricating countertops to deliver dependable and quality service.

Our countertops are guaranteed to create an alluring environment of character and elegance through custom installation and fabrication of natural stone materials. In addition to our quality products, our other valued asset is our team of professionals who demonstrate unmatched customer service and time-proven experience. 

 Which Countertop Stones are the Cheapest?

If you are looking for economical countertops, you can’t go wrong with ceramic tile, laminates, and butcher-block wood. Premium countertops include concrete, quartz, and slab granite. That said, you need to consider important factors such as maintenance, durability, and style when choosing countertops.

Ceramic tile countertops can last for years; however, their weaknesses are tile cracking and grout chipping. Tile counters have a wide variety of styles. You can install any tile as long as it has a flat, non-porous surface.

Laminate countertops, although cheap, can scratch easily and have low durability. Also, they can’t be effectively repaired, making replacement the only option.

Butcher-block countertops, when coated, can last longer. When these countertops aren't properly sealed, they may harbor bacteria. That said, if you love how natural wood looks, then this is a good choice. 

Premium countertops are long-term choices that are the perfect selection when it comes to value and beauty.

Quartz is a non-porous and extremely durable material. It’s resistant to scratches and stains. It is easy to maintain and clean. Most countertops made using quartz look like natural stone, although solid white and black are also popular choices. Quartz countertops last for two decades or more.

Granite is scratch-resistant. It’s hard and porous. That means it requires sealing. The stone has unmistakable visual texture and depth, showing that it’s real stone. Another attractive visual quality of granite is that it is three dimensional.

Concrete lasts for decades as long as the sealed surface is well maintained.

Finding the Perfect Countertops

For your countertop stone in CT, discuss your project with our skilled contractors. Backed by years of experience, we will provide you with the best countertop that fits your needs. We pride ourselves in our services, products, and the quality of our craftsmanship. Get in touch with Paramount Stone today using our email address

With our wide array of styles and colors combined with our tailored cornering and edging, you’re guaranteed to find the right countertop for your project.




countertop stone CT
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