custom countertops in Florida

custom countertops in Florida

custom countertops in Florida

When you are asking if you can find custom countertops in Florida, Xtreme Countertops in Fort Lauderdale is an authorized and certified fabricator and installer of superior quality granite and rock counter. The bright gleam of polished stone is a perfect addition for any home.

Why should I install granite or marble counters?

Most homes built between 1930 and 1980 used a variety of non-durable countertop materials. Wood, laminate, and even plastic are common. These counters allow bacteria to seep in. They also become warped and discolored easily.

Granite and marble countertops rarely warp. Stone is typically used in products that need to weather the elements. Headstones, tiles, statues, and monuments are all made from granite for this reason.

What types of patterns are available for my stone countertop?

Granite and marble countertops have distinctive designs, effected somewhat by how they are polished and sealed. Speckles, swirls, and elegant lines are among the most sought after effects in building materials.

If you are looking for a more solid color, granite can also suffice. This type of stone gives you excellent control over shape and design.

Can I change the color of a granite countertop?

Whereas marble is more singular in color, coming in white, cream, charcoal, green, and rose, granite offers added variety. White, black, brown, beige, blue, and red rock are available to create a truly unique counter, floor, or wall.

Polished granite brings out every aspect of this decadent building material. A sense of establishment radiates throughout your home.

Can I customize a marble or granite counter?

Custom shapes are possible when using these materials. It is not uncommon to use them in their sculptures as they can be cut into almost any shape imaginable.

We start with a solid slab and precisely trim to match your vision. Our fabrication capabilities help contractors across the Fort Lauderdale area.

Can I repair a custom counter?

Depending on how large the chip in your counter is, it is entirely possible to repair your counter. Technicians use a special putty that covers cracks. Sealant is then laid to help match your current counter as well as reduce the impact of spills and stains.

While it may seem impossible to fix your counter, this is not always the case. Still, if a large chunk is missing from a single slab countertop, you may need to replace a significant portion.

How easy is it to maintain a granite countertop?

Granite is not porous. Bacteria and liquids do not bond with the rock easily either. Paints and certain sticky substances may be difficult to remove, but a simple thinner will usually not penetrate.

The lack of porosity means that bacteria, dirt, grime, and dust remain on the surface. Simply use a household cleaning product, and your counters remain worry-free.

Custom countertops in Florida

Xtreme Countertops in Fort Lauderdale is a certified and authorized dealer of granite products. We cut slabs on-site and are available for installation. Get in touch with our team today to achieve your vision.

custom countertops in Florida
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