Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing:


dust sanding


Dustless Hardwood sanding

In the past, hardwood floor sanding has had a reputation of being a very messy process. Pervasive dust caused by the sanding process required extensive and time consuming clean up.

Years of research and development have enabled us to be on the cutting edge of floor sanding technology. This virtually dust free finishing environment sets Black Forest Hardwood Floors apart. Our dust collection system not only protects the health of our customers and employees, it also ensures that each home is kept clean and that the finished hardwood meets our exacting standards.

The airborne dust created while sanding wood floors can be quite messy.  It is also a known carcinogen and extremely hazardous to your health and the health of the workers.

Black Forest Hardwood floors uses a modern dustless wood floor refinishing process that is not only cleaner and much safer – it’s also faster and contributes to a superior finished product.

Our dust containment system combines state of the art refinishing equipment with heavy duty, very specialized commercial vacuum systems.  The hi-flow vacuums attached to the sanders collect the wood dust and process it through a proprietary 3-stage system.

  • Stage 1 of the Hardwood Sanding
  • Oneida Vortex Sander Cyclone
  • Increases vacuum suction on sanders for incredible dust capture. Reduces clogging at sanding drum and eliminates blow out under sander. Clean operation. Teflon-like coated HEPA filters capture 99.97% of material down to 0.3 microns. Air tests show over 100x cleaner than cloth bags.
  • Hardwood Refinishing - Stage 2
  • Pre-separator Cyclone
  • This cyclone filters the larger, heavier dust particles and deposits them in a 30 gallon, plastic bag lined drum.  The wood dust can then be safely bagged and removed without contaminating the work site.
  • Final Stage of Hardwood
  • SandingRuwac Red Raider
    This vacuum uses three high powered motors to produce incredible suction.  It is capable of running long lengths of hose and multiple sanding machines at the same time.  It has a very large filter which guarantees no loss in suction.

The Benefits of Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing:

  • Reduces time to completion and the overall cost of the job to you
  • Protects the health of your family and the health of the workers
  • No time consuming hanging of plastic before beginning the project
  • Workers can be finishing in one room while still sanding in others
  • No time consuming and costly clean-up afterwards
  • Eliminates the nightmare of dust spreading through the ventilation system and throughout the rest of the home
  • Produces higher quality results
  • Eliminates airborne dust that would settle back down into the new finish

Long story short – Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing is not only good for you and good for the environment; it’s highly efficient and will save you both time and money.

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