What Is Dustless Floor Refinishing?

The Best Hardwood Refinishing is Dustless

Pondering how your floors can get refinished without your house being coated with dust particles? That's why there's dustless floor refinishing.

Black Forest Floors happens to offer dustless floor refinishing as one of our services! We can get your floors refinished without having to worry about wood particles finding their way into...everything.

It's actually a fairly straightforward process. The refinisher, either a professional hired by you to perform the service or if the homeowner rents the equipment to perform the task themselves, uses a floor sander with an attached vacuum system to sand the top layer of the wood flooring. The wood dust particles are then bagged and disposed of without a layer of fine wood dust particles covering everything.

Refinishing Without Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Equipment

What is refinishing like without dustless hardwood floor refinishing equipment? Laborious. It also involves a lengthy cleanup process which cannot be entirely completed by a refinishing company alone.

We'll get to that in a moment.

You start by moving everything out of the home that can be moved out. That includes any pets; your prized pooch will be living outdoors for a few days or will have to be kenneled or stay with friends. You might have to as well, depending on circumstances.

Anything that can't be moved out of the house is draped and taped, to seal them off. All vents, windows and so on must also be sealed and taped off.

Usually, refinishing must be done one room at a time, with plastic sheeting keeping the room being worked on as sealed as possible. As the refinisher sands off the top layer of wood prior to applying the new finish and sealant, a cloud of dust is sprayed all over the room. After the sanding process, as much dust as possible is swept up and disposed of.

Eventually, the whole house is done.

While the refinisher will clean up as much of the dust as possible, the reality is that it gets everywhere. The homeowner or occupant will be cleaning up dust for weeks afterward. This has nothing to do with the quality of the cleanup work being done; the sheer amount of dust produced by the process makes it impossible to totally clean up in the amount of time a contractor has in your home.

Dustless Floor Refinishing Cuts Prep Time And Cleanup

The benefit of dustless floor refinishing is that it cuts down significantly on the preparation and cleanup. Instead of exhaustive taping and sealing, the refinisher only needs to clear the room of furniture and tape up windows and vents.

The vacuum system in a dustless sander captures the particles and deposits them in a bag, which is emptied like a bagged lawn mower or leaf-eater.

Cleanup is a cinch. Instead of hours of sweeping, cleaning up a room after dustless sanding takes minutes. Any trace dust is easily cleaned up, the sealing is taken off where it was placed and the floor can be refinished.

Fido doesn't have to seek other accommodations, furniture doesn't need to be put into storage and you don't have to worry about suddenly finding wood dust everywhere.

The Black Forest Floors Dustless Floor Refinishing System

At Black Forest Floors, we have invested years into finding the best dustless floor refinishing system, to ensure a cleaner worksite, faster operation and ultimately a better overall service. We take great pains to ensure that any and all dust is vacuumed and contained at every stage of the floor refinishing process.

We use a beyond industrial-strength vacuum to suck up any and all dust. Ours is a three-motor system, which creates far more suction than almost any other dustless system employed in the industry. This also allows for longer lengths of hose to be used.

Our sander/vacuum units use HEPA filters that capture 99.7 percent of all particles, down to a size of 0.3 microns. Any dust that gets out from under the sander is too fine to see except under a microscope. We also use a pre-separator which filters the dust particles, placing larger particles in a plastic-lined drum.

The result is a dustless sanding system that keeps the hardwood floor dust incredibly well contained, leaving a clean room and safeguarding the health of you and your family from the effects of wood dust from hardwood floor restoration.

This enables us to be cleaner, faster and ultimately better at refinishing your hardwood floors. If you would like to start with a consultation about refinishing your hardwood floors, request a quote today! We are happy to consult with you and get your hardwood floor refinish and restoration started!