Hardwood Floor Vs Carpet Inside Your Home

Trying to decide if you want a hardwood floor vs carpet?

Well, it really comes down to this:

Hardwood floors cost more upfront but last much longer than the cost pales in comparison in the long run. There is more to it than that, of course, but that's what most people are often concerned about.

What else should you consider when it comes to hardwood floor installation vs carpet?

Let's dig in. You'll have a decent understanding of whether one or the other is right for your situation.

Hardwood Floor vs Carpet Costs

Okay, so let's get the dollars and cents out of the way: hardwood floor vs carpet costs.

The former is cheaper than the latter, except for in extreme circumstances. Carpet installation costs typically run somewhere around $3 per square foot, though it could be much higher. Middle-of-the-road carpet installs will be close to that, but the most premium of carpeting may be more expensive. That memory foam-like padding and softback carpeting that's so luxurious will cost you.

Hardwood floors, however, are closer to $10 per square foot, often somewhere between $9 and $12 per square foot. Quite expensive in comparison, to be sure; a significant investment. If flooring 1,000 square feet, that would be $10,000 at $10 per square foot of hardwood but only $3,000 at $3 per square foot of carpet.

However, the costs aren't that simple.

Hardwood Floor Durability Trumps Carpet Many Times Over

hardwood flooring vs carpet

However, the upfront costs aren't the whole story as hardwood floor durability lays carpets to waste, many times over.

Hardwood floors, depending on care, has a service life that can be measured in decades. Carpet is in mere years. In fact, the maximum age of wood floors is only theoretical; while most will last a few generations, they could last more than a century depending on a number of factors.

Carpet, on the other hand, rarely lasts more than 15 years. In most applications, it will last 10. So, if you intend on occupying a home for a longer term - some people still do - hardwood is probably the better choice.

Hardwood Floors Increase Value

These days, hardwood floors are actually more desired by homebuyers. A quality floor does make a better appearance and gives a warmth to the aesthetics of a room. As a result, hardwood floors actually create more value for a home.

Carpet is closer to value-neutral. New carpets help resale value, but even like-new carpets add next to nothing. Older carpets count against. That is something to bear in mind.

Carpets Do Have Some Benefits

With that said, there are some benefits to a carpet. Many people will elect to have carpet installed in bedrooms, for a softer feeling under the feet. This is also a popular choice for relatively new parents for rather obvious reasons.

Additionally, multi-story homes can benefit from carpet installations as well. Wood, you see, is resonant; it can act as an acoustical amplifier. That's what the body of a guitar or violin does. As a result, a multistory home full of wood floors makes a lot of noise. If you have people living on multiple floors, that can make a difference.

Other Benefits Of Hardwood Floors vs Carpet

Some other benefits that you should be aware of in terms of hardwood floors vs carpet, is that people with severe allergies will be better off with hardwood floors. Wood floors don't retain dust, pollen, dander and other allergens, which carpet does.

Hardwood floor maintenance is also much easier. A bit of sweeping, maybe some light mopping, and that's all. Carpet, on the other hand, has to be vacuumed and shampooed and must be so often. Stains can easily set in - wood doesn't stain, if sealed - and so on and so forth.

About the time that you're replacing carpet, a hardwood floor is looking at merely a maintenance coat. By the time you're on the second carpet replacement, a hardwood floor needs a screening. By the time your children have inherited the home, another one, two, or three carpet installations have happened...but hardwood floors will still be there.

So, there are some individual considerations to make, but hardwood floors last longer and bring more value to the home as a whole. It's up to you to decide which is better for you. If you have any questions about hardwood flooring, please contact us @ 1-509-955-3355, we would love to answer your questions.