Hardwood Floors in the kitchen, Some Pros and Cons

Steve Uncategorized December 28, 2018

For many, the heart of the home is the kitchen and so gets a lot of traffic from family and guests. Choosing a floor for your kitchen requires greater thought than most other rooms due to it being one of the busiest places. Besides considering what looks great, you have to consider the durability and maintenance of the floors, what makes sense for your lifestyle. Wear and tear are inevitable in any high-traffic area of the home and all kinds of flooring have their pros and cons.

Hardwood floors in the kitchen are often a popular idea because of their durability, beauty, and they tend to add value to a home. Like any other flooring option, having hardwood floors in the kitchen has pros and cons. The high traffic, for example, can cause damage to the wood but proper care can negate that damage. Before committing to having them installed or purchasing a house because it has hardwood floors in the kitchen, let's go over some of the pros and cons of these classic beauties.

Pros of Having Kitchen Hardwood Floors

The first pro of having hardwood floors in the kitchen is the versatile beauty of them. Many other floors require being ripped out and another reinstalled if you want to choose a different color or style, but hardwood floors can simply be sanded and restrained to better coordinate with your kitchen. Even if you're satisfied with how the kitchen hardwood floors look, they often increase the value of any home, whether they are engineered hardwood floors or laminate hardwood floors. A good plus if you know that one day you'll want to sell the home.

Another plus of having a kitchen with hardwood floors is the durability. While it is true that water is the archenemy of hardwood flooring, as it can warp and split the wood, it's really if there is a spill or leak left unresolved. Having a spill that isn't mopped up and left to dry into the wood is what will cause the problem. But, who would want to leave a puddle or let a leak go on anyway? The thing to remember when it comes to choosing hardwood floors for a kitchen is to look for a wood species that ranks high on a hardness chart. That will help mitigate any wear and tear as well as help with how often refinishing is needed.

Cons of Having Kitchen Hardwood Floors

Like with any kind of flooring, having hardwood floors in the kitchen has its cons. One of which is the constant cleaning. Unlike hard tile or stone, dust and dirt can damage the seal which leaves the wood exposed and more vulnerable to damage. Left long enough you may be looking at sanding and refinishing far more often than the recommended every ten years. Regular sweeping and making sure the hardwood floor remains dry are the chief things you need to do when having kitchen hardwood floors.

Another con of having hardwood floors in the kitchen is the cost of having them. If they're already there, that's great! But, the installation an run between $4 and $12 per square foot. Even if they're already there they'll need to be sanded and refinished every decade or so to ensure longevity and health. Although hardwood floors are generally prone to denting and scratching, this can be mitigated by having a harder wood and regular cleaning. The cost of having hardwood floors in the kitchen is high whether you already have them or not, but it's also because they need maintenance as they're vulnerable. While having harder woods as your floor helps with the vulnerability con, hardwoods tend to be more costly.

Wood Flooring for a Kitchen? Know the Pros and Cons

These are some of the things to consider before installing hardwood floors in your kitchen. Any material has its pros and cons, what matters is what works for you and your lifestyle. Having hardwood floors in the kitchen comes with its own set of versatile options and does increase the value of your home, but the con is the costly maintenance and the necessary upkeep. If one outweighs the other for you, then that is the best decision for you and your home. There is no right answer, just well-informed decisions. So, now you know some of the hardwood floors in your kitchen pros and cons. What say you?