How Long Do Hardwood Floors Last?

How Long Do Hardwood Floors Last?

Hardwood floors are an elegant investment for a home and can exist beautifully through a lifetime. Even the most durable hardwood floors wear with time. Like anything else in your home, the longevity of hardwood floors depends on your upkeep of it. Nothing naturally lasts forever in perfect condition and in order to keep your investment paying off, you'll have to do some upkeep. Also, be sure you treat the floor well in general, it won't So, how long do hardwood floors last? Well, what has been done to them and how are you caring for them?

Durability Is Affected by Professionals

Having well-versed contractors install your hardwood floors can make or break their longevity. You want to be as sure as possible the people you're hiring to put in the floors know what they're doing, how to set them in properly, and can advise you on what kind of wood is best for your lifestyle. When a hardwood floor is improperly put in you could have to refinish it or recoat it more often, as well as possibly having a warped floor which can lead to a host of other issues. These contractors should be able to fit the floor, help you choose the kind of wood, as well as sand it properly to ensure long-lasting hardwood floors.

How Often Do You Clean Your Hardwood Floors?

Floors get dirty, it's almost like a law of nature. If you're not regularly cleaning spills, stains, and random drops then you can be sure that the integrity of your hardwood floor will be compromised. Even with a good finish and coating, many things can eat through our floors over time or permanently stain them. These tiny injuries to your hardwood floor will mount into needing them refinished. You don't have to be a compulsive neat-freak but being diligent with your floors will help them to last the rest of your life.

What Do You Clean Your Hardwood Floors With?

So many cleaning materials are marketed as being ideal for hardwood floors, but do you know what compounds actually help the finish disintegrate or the wood to be compromised? Having a shiny floor is one thing, but if you're continuously using a product that requires refinishing your hardwood floors a lot more often, it kind of defeats the purpose. Before you run to the grocery or store to pick up your cleaning materials, do a quick search on how to care for your hardwood floors. You may find that repeated truths aren't the best thing for them. Of course, things like daily sweeping and using a mop or some kind of scrub are a good idea. It's the product you would mix with the water that is left in question.

Is the Furniture Padded?

If you're the kind of person that likes to get every nook and cranny when cleaning or experiment with the position of your furniture every so often, you're probably scratching your floors. Moving your furniture around without the feet properly padded always leads to scratching and having to refinish the floors more often. The covering on the feet of furniture or tables can be the little felt or cloths you stick to the bottom or something akin to booties. They will save your floors and very cheap, helping you save even more as refinishing is quite costly. Even if you're not the type to move furniture around frequently just sitting and moving while on the furniture can move them around. This causes unnecessary scraping of your hardwood floors and when enough of them happen you'll need a contractor.

Is it natural or engineered hardwood?

Not all woods are made equal in every department, and if you're asking about how long hardwood floors last, what they're made out of plays a role. Engineered hardwood floors are a composite and are thinner than natural hardwood, so it's more susceptible to damage over a longer period of time. Another thing to note regarding how long hardwood floors last is that natural hardwood, due to it being thicker, can be sanded and refurbished many times throughout it being in your home. 

One floor isn't objectively better than the other, it all depends on what you value in your flooring more. Though, natural hardwood floors last longer.

Don't Forget the Pups!

If you're a dog lover and enjoy having your furry friend slide around those hardwood floors, be wary of their scratching as well. While it isn't a pup's fault for having sharper nails that can cut up the floor, it is something that is easily managed. Make sure to get your dog's nails trimmed regularly to avoid more damage done to the hardwood, it's better maintenance than calling a contractor every few years. You want the lifespan of the hardwood floors to match yours, which is entirely realistic! It just requires proper care from you and trimming his or her's nails is certainly part of that.

While it is true that wood in the floors can last an incredibly long time, it's really the finish that can dissipate and that is what we're discussing. Now, the more the finish has been compromised the more damage can happen to the actual wood which makes that lifetime shorter and shorter. You've invested quite a bit of time and money into these classic beauties, dreamed of having the right kind of wood to match your aesthetic, and so don't throw it away on poor upkeep. Make sure you can enjoy your floors for as long as you're around to admire them and that is how long your hardwood floors will last.