How Much Does Wood Flooring Cost

Price Out Hard Wood Flooring

Having hardwood floors is a spectacular addition to a house and one that is a rewarding investment. Being wrapped up in the variety of woods and how one finish will look versus another is all well and good to start with, it's important to know what you want. But, part of if not the first thing you should do is price out the options and know the average cost of wood flooring in general and per square foot installed in particular. So, let's go over some of the things to consider in pricing out the cost of getting wood floors installed to help guide along this journey.

How much does wood flooring cost

Rather than purely aesthetic reasons, the type of wood you have installed should be based on your lifestyle. If you have pets, for example, or spill prone children, then the type of wood needed would have to be more durable and resistant to staining or scratching. Different kinds of hardwood floors have different costs per square foot and yes, hardwood floors are priced by the square foot, if you break down the size of your room it should match the cost of the flooring itself.

There are two main kinds of hardwood flooring: hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors. The former is the traditional kind you would find in older houses and the latter are composites made by humans. First, let's cover the hardwood flooring:

Pine: Average Cost for installation is on average $1.50-$4/sq. ft.

This kind of wood has the knot pattern used for a more rustic aesthetic and ranges from a light beige to a deep golden amber. Pine is quite susceptible to scratching and dents.

White Ash: Average Cost for installation is on average$5-$6/sq. ft.

This wood does quite well in family homes with pets, it's very hard to stain and quite durable. The color ranges from creamy to a light tan or pale gray. White ash hardwood floors also have knots, much like pine does.

Maple: Average Cost for installation is on average $3.50-$6/sq. ft.

Like white ash, maple is a good choice for a house with children and pets or a lot of foot traffic. It's very hard and resistant to dents, well suited to a hallway or kitchen. Maple can be hard to work with but it's beautiful creamy white to pale red color may make it worth it.

Bamboo: Average Cost for installation is on average $2-$4/sq.ft

another great choice for a hustle and bustle home, bamboo floors are the hardest of the hardwood floors and come in a wide range of colors. If you're interested in an environmentally friendly installation, bamboo is sustainably grown.

Brazilian Walnut: Average Cost for installation is on average $5-$9/sq. ft

one of the more exotic of the hardwood floors and on the expensive side. Though it is a great option if you have pets running around, it is extremely difficult to scratch and hyper-durable.

Hickory: Average Cost for installation is on average $3-$6/sq. ft

a good hardwood floor for aesthetic and practical reasons. Hickory tends to have a beautiful grain pattern that is difficult to disrupt. It's a very hard wood that also works well for a floor that'll see a lot of traffic.

Engineered hardwood floors

For the engineered hardwood floors you would have more options throughout the house. Due to this wood being engineered it is far more durable and resistant to moisture. Usually, a better fit for an active household and you're not limited by rooms. Hardwood floors usually can't go in kitchens, basements, or high-humidity climates but engineered hardwood floors can. There is also more versatility in installation as they can be glued down or work as floating floors. The list below will focus on how these popular choices look as they are all engineered to be durable and moisture resistant.

Acacia: Average Cost for installation is on average $4-$5/sq. ft.

popular for a rustic or Colonial look, usually an assortment of contrasting brown colors with an exotic graining pattern.

Brazilian Cherry: Average Cost for installation is on average $3-$6/sq. ft.

An interesting array of rich hues and warmer red tones that gives it an exotic appeal.

Heart Pine: Average Cost for installation is on average $10-$11/sq. ft.

Engineered to have a vintage charm with well-placed knots and gouges.

As you can see, there are plenty of options and a wide range of cost when planning for a hardwood floor installation. But, once you've chosen the wood for your floor, it's time to consider the installation itself.

Installation and Additional Costs

Choosing a contractor to install your hardwood floors is both a necessary and additional cost, but you can compare and contrast by getting estimates done. The typical average to install hardwood floor ranges from $2,542 to $6.525. This depends on the square foot of the house or room(s) the contractor is working with as well as the cost of the hardwood floor you've chosen.

Another cost that you may have to consider is that if the contractor discovers any subfloor or structural damage that needs repair, it may prevent them from installing your floor. If they need to install plywood for the sub-flooring, for example, the average cost is $22 for each sheet. That will drive the cost up considerably. This can be avoided by using engineered wood as it can be installed as a floating floor rather than fixed to the concrete or plywood.

So, what is the average cost of hardwood floor installation? Depends on what kind of wood you're looking to use, what installation company you're working with, the space covered, and if any structural surprises await you. There are averages, but that is all that they are. Start by looking at your needs and tastes to see what your average cost will be and hopefully, it'll be on the lower end of the scale.