How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Color

When wondering how to choose a hardwood floor color, it can be nerve-racking. It's expensive to replace and so, you'd better be happy with it. But, there are a few things to consider as well as pros and cons to darker and lighter hardwood floors. An investment like hardwood floors should be thought about and appreciated, it's no small thing to have installed or care for. There are, certainly, many gorgeous options and no matter your taste in home aesthetics, there are realities you just can't escape.

Before moving into the pros and cons of darker and lighter hardwood floors, let's go over some things to consider before making your decision.

Things to Consider

When thinking of how to choose a hardwood floor color there are quite a few things to consider beyond aesthetic. For example, how much maintenance are you able to put in or how important is perfect color matching to you? These two questions will certainly help with how to choose the hardwood floor color.  Are you the type of person who enjoys experimenting with decor or the color of your walls? Perhaps repurpose rooms? If that is the case then a more versatile hardwood floor color would be best. Now, think of the size of your house and the sizes of different rooms. Would you want them to look bigger or small or is that irrelevant to your aesthetic?

Choosing the color of your hardwood floor involves these questions because it's expensive and a waste of time to swap them whenever you have a decor switch. You want flooring that moves with you and suits your lifestyle. To get a deeper understanding of how to choose a hardwood floor color involves all these things to consider, let's go over dark and light hardwood floor colors. That way you can make a more informed decision before committing.

Light Hardwood Floor Colors

Hardwood floors with a light finish offer a great deal of space expansion, even giving the tiniest of rooms the illusion of being bigger than what they actually are. So, if looking for how to choose hardwood floor color and the space in your home is on the small side then lighter hardwood floors are the way to go.

Another plus to choosing a light hardwood floor is cleaning. It's counter-intuitive but lighter hardwood floors hide more dust and debris than you'd think. If you have to battle pet dander or kids and their messes, lighter hardwood floors are more forgiving to forgetting a sweeping day.

Before you rush to the store and pick-up some light hardwood floors, let's talk about the drawback to this choice. The top one is finding a finish to match the light hardwood. The lighter the wood, the more likely you'd need a custom sealer to keep the rich light color. Another thing with finishes for a light floor is the kind of finish, some can give the floor a yellow color or hue; an oiled based finish is likely for that.

Some things to consider when considering how to choose hardwood floor color.

Dark Hardwood Floor Colors

Dark hardwood floors are the more popular option right now and why wouldn't they be? They scream old-style luxury and opulence. But, the real reason why they're a great asset to a house is how versatile they are. They can go with a variety of colors and fabrics, furniture, almost any pallet on your easel. If you're one of those home experimenters who is always tinkering with a room's decor then definitely consider dark hardwood floors.

If maintenance is a concern when looking for how to choose hardwood floor color, then perhaps you should take a second look at lighter hardwood floors. The darker the wood, the less forgiving it is for forgetting a dusting and sweeping day. Dark hardwood floors also show scuffs and scratches more as well. No matter what kind of hardwood floors you choose, it's something you'll have to deal with. But, if you have pets or a high-traffic home then be aware that the evidence of this will be more present in your floors. Beyond maintenance, darker woods are the best for smaller rooms as they further shrink it. Even a big room will look smaller with dark hardwood floors. So, if the appearance of large space is on your mind then look at the lighter side of the hardwoods.

How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Color?

Well, what do you want out of your floors and what is your lifestyle like? There is no be all and end all of what color hardwood goes to whom, it's your house and space, you should choose what works. But, now you know some of the ins and outs of how they different hardwood floor colors can interact with your life and decor. A good hardwood floor helps pull the space together, another element in a beautiful tapestry that showcases you. A part of your space that helps to enliven you every morning.

Beauty isn't just what is around you, it's also what you stand on. That is how to choose a hardwood floor color.