Marsh Master Bush Hog

Marsh Master Bush Hog

Marsh Master Bush Hog


Grass usually grows so fast during spring and summer, meaning you will have to do some bush hogging if you do not want your field to be invaded by overgrown vegetation. One of the best ways to remove overgrown vegetation from your field is hiring wetland equipment rentals. Bush hog equipment features powerful rotary cutters that can slice through dense vegetation.

Initial Inspection

Inspect the area carefully before you start clearing it. The marsh master bush hog is most effective for clearing vegetation on a level surface. However, some marsh master bush hogs can clear vegetation on holes and other uneven surfaces. Walk through the area, locate uneven surfaces, and mark the areas with flags. Remove rocks and other objects caught in the bush hog cutters and get whipped in the air. Plant additional flags near boulders, stumps, large rocks, and other immovable objects.

Cutting Height

Many people set their bush hog's height low so that it can cut closer to the ground, allowing them to finish the job quickly. However, it is advisable to be more cautious when setting the cutting height. Set the cutting height higher to start once you attach the bush hog to your marsh master. A higher cutting height provides cleaner results and minimizes the possibility of missing specific areas.

Start Slow

Take time throughout the bush-hogging process to avoid leaving large sections of tall grass. Gently press the gas pedal in your marsh master to give the bush hog adequate time to shred all the grass. Going slowly also keeps you safe; it minimizes the chances of debris and other objects you missed during the inspection becoming airborne and causing injuries.

What is a Bush Hog?

A bush hog is a rotary cutting mower that can be used with a tractor or marsh master to clear vegetation. PTO-driven equipment works incredibly well when positioned perpendicular to a slope.

There is a distinct difference between a bush hog and a finishing mower. For starters, a bush hog features sturdier and heavier blades, allowing the bush hog to cut through vegetation quickly and more efficiently. Typically, bush hogs are manufactured with more robust and durable materials than finishing mowers.

What is Bush Hogging?

A bush hog is a mower that attaches to a marsh master or tractor and cuts weeds and grass stalks. Some people use the standard mower to cut bushes, and it works pretty OK but not as efficiently as a bush hog. A bush hog cuts efficiently, saving time and fuel. An alternative to bush hogging properly would be using a standard mower, a relatively more time-consuming option. It would take more time to clear some fields with a standard mower. In addition, the mower could damage its blades if it is used to cut dense brush.

Importance of Bush Hogging

Bush hogging prevents weeds from taking over your pastures. In addition, it prevents nearby woods from spreading into your field. Bush hogging also prevents taller, dense plants and trees from overshadowing the smaller ones.

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