Pen Making Supplies

Pen Making Supplies

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Pen Making Supplies

Getting started with pen making is fun and provides you with a lifelong hobby that you will enjoy for many years to come. When you’re first getting started you will need to gather the necessary pen making supplies to create the types of instruments you want. Once you have the basic tools all you will need to do is replenish the blanks based on the specific project you will be working on. You'll find that you can start out with a few tools and add to them as you need to.

List of Pen Making Supplies

When you’re just getting started you need to get various tools that will be useful throughout the process of pen making. You will need to acquire:

• Mandrel and bushings

• Glue

• Sander or pen mill

• Lathe

• File or sandpapers of varying ranges

• Vise or clamps

• Handscrew

• Drill press

• Table saw or band saw

Many people who are just starting out in the hobby begin by acquiring just a few of the necessary tools and adding to their toolbox over time. When you first begin pen making you can get by with just the basics. Once you start getting more proficient you’ll find that you need some additional tools to help you create more difficult designs.

Tooling Needs

Of all the pen making supplies necessary for your hobby you’ll find that some of the most important are tooling supplies. A hunter turning tool is ideal for your toolbox. It gives you professional results. The tool cuts fast, clean and smooth and is one of the best possible choices on the market. You can replace the cutting insert so you’ll always have a fresh edge with which to work.

For those who are serious about pen making, a lathe is an essential piece of equipment. It offers a much faster method of turning and has a full range of features that will help you create even the most complex designs with ease. A lathe has a large capacity and there are many accessories available as you need them.

The Magical Skew is an essential part of any pen-makers supply kit. The tool is made of carbide but works as a skew rather than as a scraper. This allows it to work on a 30 degree angle which gives you an advantage over scrapers that are flat. The skew has an adjustable length so it is extremely easy to use, unlike some awkward sized tools. The Magical Skew comes complete with a bar, handle and both square and round carbide cutter heads. This means you can use the tool for a wide variety of purposes.

When you are looking for high quality specialty pen making supplies we have the best selection around. Our supplies are all chosen by our experienced team so you know that they are ideal options regardless of your skill level or expertise. We will help you along the way and assist you in buying the tools that will best meet your needs and your budget. Contact Berea Hardwoods today for all your pen making needs.

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Pen Making Supplies
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