Flooring Services

Flooring Services

Hardwood floors create a look of beauty and grace in any room of your home, office or commercial setting. A hardwood floor that captures the look of graceful sophistication and the appeal of timeless elegance begins with a professional installation.

Hardwood Floor Services, Spokane, WA

Hardwood Installation:

  • New Construction / Remodel
  • Insurance Claims
  • Water Damage
  • Repairs and Borders / Inlays

Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors

  • Commercial grade Oil based polyurethane and waterbased finishes
  • Hepa filtration dust containment

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Buffing
  • Recoating
  • Finish repairs
  • Touch-ups

Free on-site Design Consultation & Estimate

Schedule a free design consultation and bid.  You will receive a 5-6 page bid describing in detail the work to be performed along with a competitive price to complete your project.

Nature’s diversity lets you create dramatic looks with unique textures, colors, patterns and styles of hardwood flooring. Oak and Maple are the most popular hardwoods used in flooring. Bamboo, Beech, Birch, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Hickory, and Walnut are other favorites for floors and decorative accents.

Hardwood Species

Finding the right species of wood is really a matter of personal taste and project budget. There are domestic species like Oak, Maple, and Cherry as well as exotic species like Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, and Cork. Each species has a distinct grain pattern. For example, oak has a very distinguished grain whereas maple is very subtle. Exotics are very popular because of their distinct grain patterns and color.


Most domestic species of wood come in a variety of colors. Most exotic species, on the other hand, are not stained because their natural color is distinctive. Many exotic species are photosensitive and need exposure to sunlight to achieve their desired rich color.

Width of the Hardwood

Widths can easily change the look of a floor since the wider the plank, the fewer the seams that can be seen on the floor. Wider widths also showcase the natural beauty of the wood, especially hickory and tigerwood.

Hardwood Texture

There are many types of texture, including smooth, hand-scraped, distressed, and wire brushed.

Black Forest Hardwood Floors, LLC offers specialty borders and custom inlays created in-house or purchased in association with Oshkosh Floor Designs. Choose from many beautiful designs or have the Black Forest create your own special pattern to accent any room.
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