Tapping Head For Drill Press

Tapping Head For Drill Press

Tapping Head For Drill Press

Tapping Head For Drill Press

A tapping head is a drill or milling machine attachment that is used to cut the thread of a nut. Instead of being a solid surface inside like the type of nuts used with flat head screws, there are threads drilled inside. The three most common types of tapping heads are the bottom tap or socket tap or even the taper tap.

Bottom or plug taps are used to form tapping heads that have threads with little or no taper. This allows the screw to be installed successfully and is generally used for tapping into a blind hole. A blind hole is one that has been drilled to a certain depth but not through wood or other material. Bottom threading is also sometimes used in conjunction with other types of threading because the end of the bottom thread is short and may not allow for proper tapping.

A tapered tap is much smaller than its counterparts. Used on harder surfaces such as steel and other types of metal. A tapered tap is also used when the area is difficult to reach or the number of threads required is larger.

Threading heads formed by these threads include the procunier tapping head, tapmatic tapping head, hex head tapping screw, flat head tapping screw, and reversible tapping head. A procunier tapping head is named after William Procunier, who manufactured positive-drive reversing tapping heads in the 1920s. Tapmatic tapping heads are manufactured by the Tapmatic Company and feature automatic reversing tapping heads - We are a dealer of these heads. The hex head screws have a hexagon-shaped slot at the top where the screwing tool is inserted to tighten the screw into place.

A pan head screw head is similar to a traditional screw with a single slot for tightening. The main difference is that the tapping screw is designed to drill a previously started hole. A traditional screw works just as well whether the hole is pre-drilled or not. A reverse tapping head, as the name implies, is a tapping head that can be drilled in or out at the same speed without the need to stop and restart the drill.

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Tapping Head For Drill Press
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