When can I put furniture on refinished hardwood floors

Have you been renovating your house or recently built a house while installing refinished hardwood floors and wonder when you will ever put the furniture and area rugs back? Well, do hold that thought; failure to do so will ruin everything. Many homeowners often make haste rather than allowing the new finish to cure and harden properly, and this could be you who knows? Researching about this beforehand or, better yet, paying attention to what they are told would help many homeowners avoid such mistakes. Can you imagine ruining the refinishing project that you spent so much money on? Please do not risk it, no matter how impatient you feel. You are certainly excited to have everything in the designated place but remember patience pays. In the long run, you won't suffer financially. Read on to find out the right time to put furniture on refinished hardwood floors.

The Right Time To Bring In Furniture After Oil-Based Polyurethane.

Since these floors are oil-based, you ought not to be in a rush to put the furniture back in the house. This is because they need more time to dry when compared to water-based options. Hence, when choosing between the two, think about that, if time is not a luxury you have. You have to wait for approximately 3 to 4 days to walk on these floors. Matters furniture, you will have to wait for at least four to five days. If you love a good finish, it would be best for you to wait longer. Note that the longer you take, the stronger the finish will be, not to mention the no damage will occur. If you do not want the finishing to happen naturally, consider using fans and heat lamps. The latter fasten the process, but it is not recommended because you can spoil the floor's finish. From here, you will have to start afresh since the floor will have to be stripped back. This is not ideal, isn't it? The best thing is to let the floor be and, if possible, live elsewhere at the time.

The Right Time To Bring In Furniture After Water-Based Polyurethane.

Regardless of the fact that it sets up faster than the previously mentioned one, you still have to give it time to cure. However, unlike the oil-based poly floors, you can walk on this floor after two to four hours or more. When it comes to the furniture, take them in after 72 hours. In addition to that, allowing it to cure for longer wouldn't hurt a thing. If anything, this would be the best time to keep yourself busy or, better yet, go for a vacation. By the time you will be back, everything will be well set and cured. All you have to do is bring the furniture in. Don't give damaging a chance, and you can avoid it. If you have pets or kids, ensure that they steer clear of the floors for seven days or so.

The Right Time To Bring In Furniture After Other Finishes.

When you take a different path to refinish your floors, the duration it will take for them to cure will undoubtedly be different; this goes without saying. There are numerous types of finishes, and as a result, there is the need to check the label and consult a professional who is conversant with how they work. You have to consider so much, including the floor sealant to use and its durability and traffic areas in your house, among others, that will affect how fast the finishing will cure and dry. The traffic areas in your home are bound to consume so much time drying and curing, unlike those will be little to none. On the other hand, the sealant ought to be resilient; thus, choose keenly or seek advice from a professional. Generally, avoid your refinished floors until at least two days or four: don't rush. You certainly want the refinishing project to look great. To manage traffic after having refinished floors, you could put up signage. Handling people or pets may take a toll on you, but what better way is there than to remind them?

How To Offer More Protection For A Refinished Hardwood Floor.

Of course, there will be wear and tear; however, to mitigate it, you can purchase a polyurethane finish. It will undoubtedly do the job. Your goal is for these floors to last longer without reasonable doubt. To see to it, you could invest in floor protectors for your furniture. Like the transparent protector caps and felt furniture pads, they help in hindering scratches when you move your furniture from one place to the other. That way, you will be ascertained of durability, isn't that excellent? Make a point of buying these floor protectors, and you won't regret it.

The above points show the best time to put furniture on refinished hardwood floors. It would be best for anyone planning to renovate their floors to research first, especially if they have been eyeing the hardwood refinished floors. That way, you can have a rough idea of what you are getting yourself into. Also, you will decide whether you are ready for all that it comes with; it could be a lot to some people and nothing to others. The best thing is to take your time and talk to professionals. When it comes to the drying and curing time, ascertain that you take more time for that excellent finish.