Why Do People Like Hardwood Floors So Much?

Hardwood floors seem to hold some mystical and transcendent power over people. They "ooh" and "awe" at them, stripping away carpeting and buying homes just for the wood floors. So, why do people like hardwood floors so much that they go to such lengths to have them? 

If you've ever wondered about the hardwood craze, let's get you on board with the wood floor. Here are five reasons why people love hardwood floors so much.

They're Beautiful!

C'mon, admit it. Hardwood floors are absolutely beautiful. Whether engineered wood floors or vinyl floors, few things beat those cascading curves and knots patterns. Perhaps one of the reasons why people like hardwood floors so much is they are tied to elegance. Think about it, anytime you saw some fancy mansion or sublime estate, they always had hardwood floors. 

What wood you choose is less important because it's a matter of taste. You could have birch hardwood in the kitchen, brightening up the room and cherry in the living room for that extra warm cozy feeling. Either way, the hardwood floors will present your home as an elegant place to live.

Quick to Clean

Believe it or not, one of the reasons why people like hardwood floors so much is they're easy to clean. You may be worried about a spill suddenly creating a warped corner or a bump in the floor but, that's only if you let it sit and sink in for a while. 

With carpeting, there is only so much you can do. It stains quickly, you can never really get it clean no matter how much you vacuum, and if you have pets or dust allergies...oh boy. With hardwood floors, you can sweep and dust the floor, wipe it down, and not have to worry about a mess hiding deep in the fabric or underfloor. When it's gone, it's gone.

Home Investment

Hardwood floors last longer than carpeting and need little to stay in good shape. Why do people like hardwood floors so much? They last long enough to be an investment in the house itself. It was mentioned earlier that people will buy homes just because they have hardwood floors so if you're looking into choosing a hardwood floor to get a better return on your home, look here: 


Keep that in mind when confronted with the initial cost of putting in hardwood floors. Rather than thinking "why do people like hardwood floors so much?", remember the bang for your buck if you ever sell.


You're not bound by wood types anymore and that can really help with saving money. It was mentioned earlier, you can choose from engineered hardwood floors or vinyl hardwood floors. If you haven't heard of these types of flooring, here is the simple explanation:

Engineered Hardwood Floors: a composite wood, made up of several kinds of wood into a manufactured board. 

Vinyl Hardwood Floors: made to look like real wood, any wood you'd like. They come as planks and are made of vinyl.

If you're looking into choosing a hardwood floor to better your home, look here: 


Don't fret if you're not able to get real hardwood, engineered and vinyl floors still increase your home value and are beautiful additions to any home. 

Maintain Away

A lot of people think, like cleaning, that hardwood floors are a pain to maintain. You're probably thinking of resurfacing, replacing planks, and refinishing them. It is true you'll have to do these things, it isn't anywhere near as often as you would have to with carpeting. Also, you can't just replace a piece of carpeting but you can with hardwood. 

Resurfacing hardwood when needed helps with their longevity and prevents damage to the wood itself. Helps prevent things like curling or warping in the wood. Remember, why do people like hardwood so much? It's because they require much less maintenance and less often over their lifetime.

That's Why People Like Hardwood Floors

So, there you have it. Five reasons why people like hardwood floors so much. They inspire elegance, they're easier to clean, require less maintenance, and there is a lot more variety. You can choose from cherry wood, oak, birch, mahogany, bamboo, engineered wood, or vinyl. 

Join the bandwagon. Don't ask "why do people like hardwood floors so much?", when you can say that you LOVE hardwood floors, and here is why. Then, just list off the five reasons given here. Though, there is no doubt you'll come up with some of your own!

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