Winnipeg Front Door

Winnipeg Front Door

Winnipeg Front Door

So it's time to replace the doors on your home. We assume that is why you found JEH Windows & Doors, Winnipeg's front door, side door, and back door specialist. Surely, you want a new front door that reflects your personality and accentuates your home's features. JEH Windows & Doors has a lot of options and styles to choose from, but ultimately, you will want to have a new front door that can withstand the elements.

When it comes to the important decision of choosing the right exterior door unit to withstand the elements, please remember that not all door units are made the same! Selecting the door unit for the right exposure is critical for extending the life of that door unit and getting the best possible performance.

What's the Issue with Durability?

The issue with durability has to do with water. When water is able to penetrate into components of doors and frames, it negatively affects the performance of the door unit and drastically cuts down the durability of the unit. There are three exposure types that you need to be mindful of:

1. Fully protected doorway

This would be a wrap-around porch or a porch that covers the front of a home or a building. This kind of setup minimizes any exposure for the doorway. Because this exposure offers the greatest protection from the elements, there is a lot of freedom in customizing your doorway however you want it. This means you can choose your favorite materials and designs.

2. Partially Protected Doorway

This is the kind of doorway that has a small porch. The top half of this kind of door is going to be well-protected. Think about standing under this kind of porch in a rainstorm - you're going to stay dry from your waist up. From the waist down, you're going to get soaked! Likewise, your door unit will stay dry at the top, but it will be exposed to excessive water on its bottom half.

Likewise, on a hot summer day, the sun is going to be baking the bottom half of the door while the top half of the door is protected in the shade. This leads to finish breakdown, which then allows moisture to get past the finish and harm your door unit.

3. Unprotected Doorway

This is the kind of doorway that has no porch. There is no protection from the elements at all. Rain, wind, and snow will continually blast away at your door, month after month, year after year. Most homes have at least one unprotected doorway. These could be on the side of the home or the back of the home.

Let Us Help You Select the Right Front Door

Please use our product guide to help specify what should and shouldn't be used for your home's doorways. To make things easier; you could just call JEH Windows & Doors. If you need a Winnipeg front door, we'll help you find the right one, and we can even install it for you.

Winnipeg Front Door
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Winnipeg Front Door
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